About us

Our story

During the initial COVID lockdown, Amma’s MA Center kitchen crew, who used to prepare delicious vegetarian meals every Saturday for the attendees of our weekly programs, were missing Amma and the community, and searching for a way to give back. In September 2020, the team had a realization: If the Amma community could not come to the ashram, then perhaps we could bring a small part of the ashram—their spiritual home—to them. What started as a crew of 10 people filling 15 orders, has grown into a crew of 65, filling hundreds of orders weekly. We've developed a rotating menu with over 100 items that includes full meals, snacks, and baked goods. We call it Food From Home because it's prepared lovingly in our spiritual home. The shopping, cooking, baking, and delivery is done entirely by volunteers. All proceeds support the initiatives of MA Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, spiritual center and humanitarian organization. We all remain in gratitude to Amma and to each other for this opportunity to serve in honor of Amma's love.


Our delivery model

In addition to the cost of your food, all delivery fees and tips go to support MA Center’s initiatives. That’s because all deliveries are made by volunteers. Our volunteer drivers even pay their own gas, so that your Food From Home orders can have even more impact in raising money to make a difference for people in need. For further destinations, our volunteers created a delivery chain model, where your order is brought to you by a relay of volunteers. As Amma says, no one is an isolated island; we are all links in a chain. We like to see every Food From Home delivery as making that chain just a little bit stronger. We are always looking for volunteer drivers! Please email: ffh@macenters.org to inquire about volunteer delivery.

How we help our neighbors in need

When we learn about people in our community who are going through financial or physical difficulties, we serve them for free, bringing Food From Home meals right to their doorstep. Most recently, MA Center San Ramon has partnered with the Community Homeless Alliance Ministry in San Jose, CA. The ministry works with a homeless camp of approximately 300 people, supplying meals and other necessities to a targeted number of ca. 50 residents at a time.